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Participation in IAC Coordination Council

Aviaizdat took part in the meeting of IAC Coordination Council.

On June 7, 2021 a scheduled meeting of the Interstate Aviation Committee's (IAC) Coordination Council on Aviation Personnel Training within the Member-States of the Agreement on the Use of Airspace took place. The meetings are usually held in person, but this meeting was conducted in the form of a video-conference.

Representatives of Russian and foreign Training Centers participated in the meeting, and some of them delivered presentations.

Aviaizdat presented on the topic "Teaching technologies trends based on publications of international organisations". Teaching methods and methodologies are significantly evolving as new teaching technologies and software applications emerge; these are also influenced by the evolution in the mind-set and learning capabilities of the students (including due to the changing of generations of aviation professionals).

Many international aviation organisations are taking into account these changes and reflect them in their normative documentation and recommendations. For example, there are several approaches/tools, which gain more and more momentum:

  • Competency-Based Training And Assessment (CBTA)

  • Evidence-Based Training (EBT)

  • Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) etc.

Aviaizdat monitors new trends and publications worldwide, which are issued in the aviation field - we are always ready to offer information support and data analysis services for Training Centers, as well as other aviation enterprises.


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