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On February 20, 1969 following an Order of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry and aimed on development of technical documentation (in accordance with domestic and international standards) for aviation technologies produced by the country, an Industry Publishing Enterprise under Foreign Trade Association Aviazagranpostavka was established. In 1994 it was transformed into Aviaizdat OJSC. In 2016 the second reorganization took place, and Aviaizdat LLC was shaped.

Since1999 Aviaizdat works in cooperation with ICAO in the field of:
•  ICAO documents re-selling (as an Authorized Sales Agent)
• Translation, correction, editing (including scientific editing) of ICAO documents (including periodicals).

Aviaizdat experts have higher education in the field of aviation, actively participate in international forums, conferences and workshops.


Knowledge and experience in civil aviation and translation activities allows Aviaizdat to provide 'adapted' translations into English. This means that translation is performed with account to terminology used by international aviation community. This allows upgrading the status and level of understanding and acceptance of the documents on the global stage.


Aviaizdat performs 'adapted' translations into Russian as well - taking into account accepted terminology. For example, in aviation regulations, standards and other documents.


In translation and/or adapting of documents we use Simplified Technical English (STE) principles - a standard, which allows avoiding ambiguities in understanding of technical documents.


Aviaizdat experts (beside many years of cooperation with ICAO) have also worked at ICAO Headquarters (in Montreal, Canada).


Area of expertise of Aviaizdat experts in the field of civil aviation covers development, production and operation of aviation technologies, safety management, aviation security, transportation of dangerous goods, aerodromes, continuing airworthiness, personnel training and licensing, air accident investigations and much more.


Aviaizdat works in cooperation with international organizations, training and certification centers, design bureaus and other organizations.



We are always open to new projects and cooperation!
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