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New ICAO publication (Doc 9184-1)

Doc 9184, Airport Planning Manual. Part I – Master Planning. Third Edition, 2023.

As of 3 November 2022, Amendment 15 to Annex 14 – Aerodromes, Volume I – Aerodrome Design and Operations requires that a master plan, containing detailed plans for the development of airport infrastructure, should be developed for airports deemed relevant by States. This manual is intended to provide guidance material to assist States and airports in planning the successful expansion of existing airports and the construction of new airports based on the guidelines established in an airport master plan.

This guidance material is vital in building airport capacity in a timely and phased approach, thus avoiding significant delays in the future due to capacity constraints. Airport capacity will be increased and airport delays will be reduced through more precise and up-to-date airport planning that provides the right facilities at the right time, within the context of overall affordability, operational efficiency and safety.

This manual takes into account the importance of consultation and cooperative planning among stakeholders, with the objective of reaching consensus on all major decisions and changes to the plan over time. It considers the need to develop a systematic approach in determining future airport requirements and suggests significant features in the airport planning process.

An airport master plan should be established as an effective, continuous programme capable of implementation. It is a long-term guide to development that supports an airport’s business development strategy, underpins preliminary assessment of financing and is an indication of required investment levels. Without a master plan, there is a real and significant risk that short-term decision-making will result in capital-intensive capacity enhancement projects that are poorly located and inappropriately sized. This often results in wasted capital on projects that potentially restrict an airport’s overall capacity and performance, thereby impeding the airport’s ability to fully utilize the runway system’s ultimate capacity.


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