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New ICAO publication (Doc 9905)

Doc 9905, Required Navigation Performance Authorization

Required (RNP AR) Procedure Design Manual.

Third edition, 2021.

The PBN Manual (Doc 9613) provides two types of navigation specifications for approach operations: RNP approach (RNP APCH) and RNP authorization required approach (RNP AR APCH). The RNP APCH navigation specification is intended to satisfy general RNP operational requirements and permit participation by aircraft with a basic level of RNP capability without a requirement for operational authorization. The other navigation specification, RNP AR APCH, which enables a higher level of navigation performance better able to address issues of airport access, such as obstacle-rich environments, and facilitate advances in air traffic management (ATM), requires the operator to meet additional aircraft and aircrew requirements and obtain operational authorization.

RNP AR procedures can provide significant operational and safety advantages over other area navigation (RNAV) procedures. This is done by incorporating additional navigational accuracy, integrity, and functional capabilities to permit operations using reduced obstacle clearance tolerances that enable approach and departure procedures to be implemented in circumstances where other types of approach and departure procedures are not operationally possible or satisfactory. Procedures implemented in accordance with this manual allow the exploitation of high-quality, managed lateral and vertical navigation (VNAV) capabilities that provide improvements in operational safety and reduced controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) risks.

This manual is intended for use by designers of instrument procedures based on the use of RNP avionics systems, where authorization is required (AR).

The manual includes design criteria to aid States in the implementation of RNP AR approach procedures in accordance with the PBN Manual, Volume II, Part C, Chapter 6. Similar criteria for departure procedures will be incorporated when developed.


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