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New ICAO publication (Doc 9303)

Doc 9303, Machine Readable Travel Documents.

Eighth Edition, 2021.

Doc 9303 consists of various separate documents in which general (applicable to all MRTDs) as well as MRTD form

factor specific specifications are grouped.

Doc 9303 is comprised of thirteen parts.

Part 1 — Introduction

Part 2 — Specifications for the Security of the Design, Manufacture and Issuance of MRTDs

Part 3 — Specifications common to all MRTDs

Part 4 — Specifications for Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) and other TD3 size MRTDs

Part 5 — Specifications for TD1 size Machine Readable Official Travel Documents (MROTDs)

Part 6 — Specifications for TD2 size Machine Readable Official Travel Documents (MROTDs)

Part 7 — Machine Readable Visas

Part 8 — Emergency Travel Documents

Part 9 — Deployment of Biometric Identification and Electronic Storage of Data in MRTDs

Part 10 — Logical Data Structure (LDS) for Storage of Biometrics and Other Data in the Contactless Integrated Circuit (IC)

Part 11 — Security Mechanisms for MRTDs

Part 12 — Public Key Infrastructure for MRTDs

Part 13 — Visible Digital Seals for non-electronic documents

Each part describes a specific aspect of the MRTD. The parts of Doc 9303 are composed in such way that the issuer of MRTDs can compose a complete set of relevant specifications, relevant to a specific type of MRTD (form factor).

These specifications are not intended to be a standard for national identity documents. However, a State whose identity documents are recognized by other States as valid travel documents shall design its identity documents such that they conform to the specifications of Doc 9303-3 and Doc 9303-4, Doc 9303-5 or Doc 9303-6.

Although the specifications in Doc 9303-4 are intended for particular application to the passport, these specifications apply equally to other TD3 size identity documents, for example, the laissez-passer, the seafarer’s identity document and refugee travel documents.


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