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New ICAO publication (Doc 9161)

Doc 9161, Manual on Air Navigation Services Economics. Sixth Edition, 2023

This guidance takes into account the wide range of different circumstances faced by air navigation services providers. It is based on international policies and principles on air navigation services cost-recovery that States have developed through ICAO and describes procedures and practices that are in conformity with these policies and principles. The basis for these policies and principles is set out in Article 15 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Doc 7300), the charter of ICAO. Extensive policy guidance in this area was subsequently developed by the ICAO Council and is contained in Doc 9082.

The guidance material in this manual is presented in six chapters and five associated appendices, including a glossary of terms and abbreviations as used in this manual. Chapter 1 addresses ICAO’s policies on air navigation services charges and States’ responsibilities; Chapter 2 focuses on air navigation services ownership, control and governance issues; Chapter 3 deals with international cooperation in the provision of air navigation services; Chapter 4 provides guidance on economic and financial management, including economic performance management; Chapter 5 provides guidance on determining the cost basis for air navigation services charges and on the setting of individual air traffic charges and their collection; and Chapter 6 addresses financing of air navigation services infrastructure.

Special care has been taken, throughout this manual, to ensure consistency and harmonization with the companion document Airport Economics Manual (Doc 9562).


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