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New ICAO publication (Doc 9137P3)

Doc 9137, Airport Services Manual, Part 3 — Wildlife Hazard Management. Fifth edition, 2020.

Previous editions of this manual focused on the control of birds on, and in the vicinity of, aerodromes.

This document was written on the assumption that birds and other wildlife are a serious hazard to aircraft, and outlines what can and should be done to address this hazard. It is not the purpose of this document to discuss the relative importance of various hazards but to stress the importance of good organization and planning in the creation of a successful WHMP.

The primary purpose of this manual is to provide aerodrome personnel with the information necessary to develop and implement an effective wildlife control group for their aerodrome. The management structure may differ at each aerodrome, however all structure types should be in accordance with the threat. The seriousness of a wildlife hazard problem is affected by geographic location, attractiveness of the aerodrome habitat to wildlife and air traffic density.

This manual explains why wildlife hazards occur at an aerodrome, the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders involved in wildlife hazard control, and the modifications to be carried out at an aerodrome to remove the features which attract wildlife. The content of this fifth edition was reviewed by the wildlife hazard management subject matter experts from the ICAO Wildlife Hazard Management Expert Group (WHMEG), supported by Airports Council International (ACI).

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