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New ICAO publication (Doc 10177)

Doc 10177, Manual on Operational Opportunities to Reduce Aircraft Noise. First Edition, 2023.

This manual identifies and reviews various operational opportunities and techniques for minimizing noise in civil aviation operations. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Guidance on the Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management (Doc 9829) and expands on and offers further guidance on one of the principal elements of the Balanced Approach – “Noise Abatement Operational Procedures,” as outlined in Doc 9829.

The information contained in this manual has been assembled by the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) and provides background on current practices that are available to aircraft operators, airport operators, air navigation services providers (ANSPs), other industry organizations and States to reduce aircraft noise impacts from civil air transport. It also highlights recent opportunities resulting from emerging technologies and considers what advances may become available in the near future that the aerospace manufacturing industry and airspace service providers are currently developing. The manual is therefore aimed at airlines, airport operators, air traffic management and air traffic control service providers, airworthiness authorities, environmental agencies as well as other government bodies and interested parties.

It should be noted that this manual is not intended as a basis for regulatory action and the choice of which operational procedure is appropriate depends upon many factors other than noise benefits, as highlighted in the interdependencies section.


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