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New ICAO publication (Doc 10098)

Doc 10098, Manual on Competency-based Training and Assessment for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel. First edition 2021.

Current industry trends indicate a significant increase in the worldwide fleet, while a large number of current aircraft maintenance personnel (AMP) is due to retire from the industry, leading to a shortage of AMP in the coming years. The shortage of AMP would result in a significant increase in demand for training.

In 2020, procedures on a new approach for the implementation of competency-based training and assessment for AMP were included as Part III of the Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Training (PANS-TRG, Doc 9868). These procedures provide States, approved maintenance organizations (AMOs) and aviation training organizations (ATOs) with guidance on how to structure their approach to training and assessment of AMP. The procedures provide a flexible framework that stakeholders can adapt to their local operational contexts and requirements.

AMP can have varying degrees of educational background, which can range from the self-taught individual to the holder of a university engineering degree. However, irrespective of educational background, all AMP must demonstrate a high level of technical competency and understanding of regulatory compliance. Often, meeting these high standards requires comprehensive training that provides the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for assuming the responsibility for aircraft maintenance.

This manual provides guidance on a new approach of applying competency-based training and assessment to aircraft maintenance personnel in accordance with Part III of the PANS-TRG (Doc 9868). This manual was developed by the Competency-Based Training and Assessment Task Force, with contribution from subject matter experts on maintenance personnel.


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