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New ICAO publication (Doc 10002)

Doc 10002, Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual. Second Edition, 2020.

The Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual (Doc 10002) provides guidance related to cabin crew training requirements found in Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part I — International Commercial Air Transport — Aeroplanes.

The manual presents cabin crew safety training using a competency-based approach. It provides guidance for operators to develop competency-based cabin crew training and assessment.

This second edition aligns its contents with Amendment 5 to the Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Training (PANS-TRG, Doc 9868), which contains the overarching provisions and principles for competency-based training and assessment, the introduction of new definitions, the introduction of new provisions for cabin crew training and minor updates to existing provisions. This edition also includes guidance on the development and implementation of scenario-based training for cabin crew members, as well as guidelines to transition from traditional to competency-based assessments.

This manual is adaptable and operators should tailor it to suit their operation. It is also provided as guidance for States when approving a training programme. However, the content does not represent the sole means to meet regulatory requirements on cabin crew training. The training syllabus of cabin crew members assigned for duties on commercial air transport operations should include all relevant parts of the syllabuses suggested in this manual but should not be limited by it.


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