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New ICAO publication (Cir 359)

Cir 359, Development of Procedures for Visual Manoeuvring with Prescribed Tracks using Required Navigation Performance. 2023

This guidance has been developed to provide best practice and assistance to States and operators when developing procedures including an instrument path followed by a visual path defined by required navigation performance (RNP) waypoints to promote stabilized approach and prescribed visual manoeuvring to a designated runway. This type of procedures has been previously referred to by a number of names, such as RNAV visual, visual RNAV or visual.

The circular is divided into two parts: Part I addresses procedures which are developed by the air navigation services provider (ANSP) in conjunction with an operator and are intended to be published for use. These procedures would be the subject of an air traffic control (ATC) clearance and could be available for use by other suitably qualified and authorized operators.

The use of this type of RNP visual manoeuvring with prescribed track (VPT) procedures may also facilitate the implementation of performance-based aerodrome operating minima, whereby the capabilities of the aircraft, along with the aerodrome infrastructure, combine to provide specific landing minima for each operation. The ability to execute an RNP (VPT) in specific situations can result in greater access to aerodromes than can be achieved using traditional methods.

Part II provides information on operator proprietary procedures which are intended to facilitate the execution of complicated visual manoeuvers such as a circling approach. These procedures are intended to be ‘transparent’ to the local ANSP who would not either be aware of their use or issue a clearance for them. They are intended to supplement the flight crew procedures only.

Before designing an RNP (VPT) and where possible, States should endeavour to design and publish procedures using criteria published in Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS, Doc 8168), Volume II – Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures or the Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required (RNP AR) Procedure Design Manual (Doc 9905). For specific situations where this is not practical, the guidance in this circular is intended to assist with the development and implementation of a procedure which can be used by authorized operators under certain limiting conditions.

Procedures developed using the guidance in this circular should only conducted by authorized operators.


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