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New ICAO publication (Cir 358)

Cir 358, Regional and National Aviation Safety Plan Checklists, 2020.

Safety is aviation’s top priority and Assembly Resolution A40-1: ICAO Global planning for safety and air navigation recognizes the importance of a global framework in support of the Safety Strategic Objective of ICAO. The Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP, Doc 10004), available at, sets forth ICAO’s safety strategy, which supports the prioritization and continuous improvement of aviation safety. Its purpose is to continually reduce fatalities, and the risk of fatalities, by guiding the development of a harmonized safety strategy and the implementation of regional and national aviation safety plans.

Each region and State should develop a regional aviation safety plan (RASP) and national aviation safety plan (NASP), respectively, in which the strategic direction for the management of aviation safety for a set period is presented. Each plan should be developed in line with the GASP goals, targets and high-risk categories of occurrence (HRCs).

This circular complements the 2020-2022 edition of the GASP and Doc 10131, Manual on the Development of Regional and National Aviation Safety Plans. It provides a means for a region or State to verify that its aviation safety plan, when being developed or modified, is complete and consistent with the GASP. Both the GASP and Doc 10131 present the minimum content that should be included in a RASP or a NASP (Doc 10131 also presents templates for both plans). Regions and States do not need to replicate these templates. However, they should ensure their RASP and NASP contain the minimum content proposed in the GASP, regardless of how it is presented. The checklists included in this circular can be used to identify missing content regardless of whether the aviation safety plan is based on the Doc 10131 templates or not.

The content of this circular is presented as guidance and should not be considered as the sole means to verify completeness of regional and national aviation safety plans. States should consult specific requirements within their region and align their efforts with the RASP, where applicable. States should address Significant Safety Concerns (SSCs), if any, as a priority and comply with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) as a means to achieve the GASP Goals.


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