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New ICAO publication (AN 16-4)

Annex 16 — Environmental Protection Volume IV — Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). Second Edition, 2023.

Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) for Environmental Protection were first adopted by the Council on 2 April 1971 for Aircraft Noise, pursuant to the provisions of Article 37 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago, 1944) and designated as Annex 16 to the Convention. On 11 May 1981, the Council agreed that it was desirable to include all provisions relating to environmental aspects of aviation in one Annex to the Convention; it therefore renamed Annex 16 as “Environmental Protection”, making the existing text of the Annex into Volume I — Aircraft Noise, and adopting the first edition of Volume II — Aircraft Engine Emissions on 30 June 1981. On 3 March 2017, the first edition of Annex 16, Volume III — Aeroplane CO2 Emissions was adopted by the Council.

This Volume IV to Annex 16 was developed in response to a request by the ICAO Assembly which, at its 39th Session in 2016, adopted Assembly Resolution A39-3: Consolidated statement of continuing ICAO policies and practices related to environmental protection – Global Market-based Measure (MBM) scheme. In this Resolution, Member States decided to implement a global MBM scheme in the form of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Amendment 1 (2nd Edition) Sources: Twelfth meeting of the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP/12) Amendment 7 to Annex 7 — Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks 41st Session of the Assembly

Subjects: a) clarification on technical matters related to monitoring, reporting and verification provisions; b) definition of an offsetting threshold for aeroplane operators with low levels of international aviation activity; c) clarification on the calculation of offsetting requirements for new aeroplane operators that do not qualify as new entrants; d) alignment with updated versions of ISO Standards; e) consequential amendments arising from Amendment 7 to Annex 7; and f) consequential amendments arising from Assembly Resolution A41-22.

Adopted : 20 March 2023.

Effective: 31 July 2023.

Applicable: 1 January 2024.


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