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New ICAO publication (AN 16-2)

Annex 16 — Environmental Protection Volume II — Aircraft Engine Emissions. Fifth Edition, 2023.

Standards and Recommended Practices for Aircraft Noise were first adopted by the Council on 2 April 1971 pursuant to the

provisions of Article 37 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago, 1944) and designated as Annex 16 to the


This volume contains Standards and Recommended Practices for aircraft engine emissions certification.

Amendment 11 (5th Edition)

Sources: Twelfth meeting of the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP/12)

Subjects: a) Restructuring and relevant reference updates in accordance with the Directives to Divisional-type Air Navigation Meetings and Rules of Procedure for their Conduct (Doc 8143), Part II, Directives to the Meeting – Formulation of Proposals for International Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures; b) language consistency updates, which, inter alia, introduce proper use of modal verbs, and consistent application of Notes and Recommendations in accordance with Doc 8143, Part II; c) applicability language improvements, in order to reflect, inter alia, the Smoke Number and nvPM mass concentration standards applicability to the engines; d) introduction of a new definition for the “equivalent procedure” with the subsequent changes for consistency across Annex 16, Volumes II and III; e) definitions, descriptions, references and language improvements, including, inter alia, extended clarifications, methodological descriptions, intermediate procedural steps, and additional Notes and Recommendations; f) improvements related to nvPM measurement procedure in accordance with the latest updates in SAE ARP 6320A and AIR 6241A on continuous sampling and measurement of nvPM emissions from aircraft turbine engines; and g) corrections to general technical, nomenclature and typographical issues.

Adopted : 20 March 2023.

Effective: 31 July 2023.

Applicable: 1 January 2024.


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