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HeliRussia 2021

Participation in HeliRussia 2021.

20-22.05.2021 Aviaizdat took part in HeliRussia 2021 exhibition.

Beside the exhibition itself, Aviaizdat took part in the specialized workshops and meetings as part of the business agenda (Aviation English Teachers’ Seminar, Panel discussion "Harmonization of European and Russian rules in the field of maintaining airworthiness of aircraft (FAP-M)", Discussion "Problems of developing and improving the regulatory framework of state regulation and supervision in the field of aircraft operation").

At the Aviation English Teacher's Seminar Aviaizdat delivered a presentation on "STE Specification. Clarity and unambiguity of technical publications". At the present moment there are multiple normative requirements on English proficiency for pilots and ATC controllers, but there are almost no similar requirements in the maintenance/engineering field (of course, there are some, but with no unified approach yet).

When maintenance/engineering personnel is trained, it is absolutely mandatory to include the STE-section into the training course. This will allow for unification and unambiguity of technical texts within the organisation, which will ultimately have a positive impact on flight safety.

Today the Training Center Aviator ( is the one to develop and approve the Aviation Technical English Proficiency Test (ATEPT) for the maintenance/engineering personnel. ATEPT received positive feedback from EASA and FAA representatives, and was declared to be sufficient and adequate to assess the English proficiency level of maintenance/engineering personnel.


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