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New Issue 8 of Specification ASD-STE100 is on final

Very soon the brand-new Issue 8 of STE Specification will be available.

STEMG has almost completed its work on the brand-new Issue 8 of the Specification ASD-STE100. This Specification on the Simplified Technical English (STE) helps the users in different technical fields to write consistently and avoid dubious understanding.

What’s new in Issue 8? The general layout of the specification and its formatting changed. Different colors now identify “Non-STE” and “STE” examples, and general examples too. General information was updated, as well as the some of the writing rules. The dictionary was revised significantly.

The STE specification is maintained by the ASD Simplified Technical English Maintenance Group (STEMG.) The group consists mostly of representatives from ASD but there are also representatives from countries that are not members of ASD.

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