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New ICAO publication (Doc 9957)

Doc 9957, The Facilitation Manual. Second Edition, 2023.

States establish rules aimed at enforcing national laws dealing with cross-border movement of persons and goods, through

which control procedures and practices are adopted for adequately equipping border-control authorities. Transport, in

general, and specifically air transport, is subject to a series of restrictions which could negatively affect air navigation

activities, inbound and outbound traffic flows and the performance and development of other dependent economic activities, such as international trade, tourism and services. Border controls that initially were outlined to protect national interests can become restrictions that slow down a State’s development due to the economic impact from additional

transportation and storage costs, as well as costs induced by inefficient processing activities.

Since national laws and regulations are assigned to, and applied by, specific public authorities and may differ depending on each State’s internal organization, this manual has been designed to meet a variety of users’ needs. Users will find guidance material related to the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of Annex 9 – Facilitation, grouped by specific facilitation subjects (i.e. aircraft, passengers, baggage and goods) and functions performed in international airports.

This manual is designed to support the following objectives: increase the level of knowledge of facilitation issues and concepts; improve the results of facilitation programmes in States; and increase conformance with Annex 9.

This manual serves as both an instructional and a reference tool. As an instructional tool, it contains the information and actual elements needed for preparing and delivering training sessions. As a reference tool, it should be used by trainers and trainees during and after the completion of a training session.


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