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New ICAO publication (Doc 8168-2)

Doc 8168-2, Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Aircraft Operations Volume II, Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures. Seventh edition, 2020. (supersedes on 5 November 2020, all previous editions of Doc 8168, Volume II)

This volume is intended for the guidance of procedures specialists and describes the essential areas and obstacle clearance requirements for the achievement of safe, regular instrument flight operations. It provides the basic guidelines to States, and those operators and organizations producing instrument flight charts that will result in uniform practices at all aerodromes where instrument flight procedures are carried out.

Seventh edition incorporates new Amendment 9, sources of which are Fourteenth meeting of the Instrument Flight Procedures Panel (IFPP/14) and Fourth meeting of the Flight Operations Panel (FLTOPSP/4).

Amendment 9 relates to:

a) helicopter criteria: maintenance of criteria;

b) charted altitudes and flight levels;

c) GBAS CAT II and III criteria;

d) simultaneous operations on parallel and near parallel runways;

e) visual segment surface (VSS);

f) PBN to xLS criteria (use of RF legs);

g) missed approach criteria after xLS procedures;

h) PBN approach charting identification;

i) consequential amendment related to continuous descent final approach (CDFA).


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