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New ICAO publication (Doc 10153)

Doc 10153. Guidance on the Preparation of an Operations Manual.

First edition, 2021

The original Preparation of an Operations Manual (Doc 9376) was published in 1997 and was not subsequently updated. A task to review and update this document began in 2016, but it was then determined that a revision was not possible due to the number of amendments required. Doc 9376 was therefore rendered obsolete and a complete redraft of the material was undertaken.

This manual provides updated guidance material on those parts of the Operations Manual (OM) which are usually developed by the operator. An essential element leading to the approval of an OM is the development and specification of an appropriate approach to the supervision of operations; this manual has been prepared to provide guidance for regulators on developing such supervisory capability. In addition, the OM serves a primary role in regulatory oversight and the issuance of an air operator certificate (AOC).

This manual is not written as a checklist against which the contents of an OM should be compared, nor does it purport to be totally comprehensive as to the possible contents of an OM. It is intended to identify the topics that should be considered by the operator in developing an OM and in accordance with the specifications in Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part I — International Commercial Air Transport — Aeroplanes (and specifically in its Appendix 2). The contents of a particular OM depend on many factors, not the least of which are the number and different types of aircraft being operated. The geographical extent of the operation is another significant factor in the determination of content. In selecting the contents of an OM, the guiding principle should be to decide, in a pragmatic and common sense manner, what information and guidance must be included to ensure a safe and efficient operation. The operator should be allowed the greatest possible latitude in developing an OM specific to the operation and commensurate with the international obligations and requirements of the State of the Operator.

In preparing this manual, the requirements of a number of States were examined, as were a selection of OMs. Throughout this document, when a Standard, recommended practice or guidance material being discussed is based on the provisions of Annex 6, Part I, the term “aeroplane” is used.

This manual is also intended to be a companion document to the Manual of Procedures for Operations Inspection, Certification and Continued Surveillance (Doc 8335).

While this manual is directed towards operations with aeroplanes, it can be used as a guide to the requirements for an OM in operations using other types of aircraft (e.g. helicopters).


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