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New ICAO publication (Doc 10134)

Doc 10134, Manual on Civil Aviation Cabin Safety Inspectors. First edition, 2020.

A cabin safety inspector (CSI) is a qualified person authorized by the State to carry out safety oversight activities. The CSI serves as the primary resource, cabin safety discipline subject matter expert, and advisor to the civil aviation authority (CAA) in all cabin safety-related areas, including, but not limited to, passenger handling, cabin safety procedures, cabin crew member training programmes, and cabin crew duty and rest policies.

The standardization of CSI qualifications, responsibilities, tasks, competencies and training further enhances the operational and training environment for cabin crew members while encouraging greater harmonization at the global level.

This manual provides recommendations for the selection, appointment, training and role of a State’s dedicated CSI. It also establishes guidelines on the development of qualifications, responsibilities, tasks and competencies of CSIs, and on the implementation of CSI training programmes to guide CSIs in carrying out their duties. Qualified and competent CSIs enable the State to provide operators and training organizations with the highest possible national and international safety standards, enabling compliance with, and the consistent application of, regulations during aircraft operations and crew training.

Cabin safety-related requirements and oversight contribute to the overall safe operation of aircraft and the protection of the travelling public in the event of emergency situations. CSIs’ oversight of these aspects is an important aviation activity at the State level.

This manual describes the State’s obligations regarding oversight, emphasizing the role of civil aviation safety inspectors, their recruitment, the changing regulatory environment in which they work, and how a competency-based approach to training and assessment can prepare CSIs for their future responsibilities. Although reference is made to CSI in this manual, States may elect to give another title to this role.

The content of this manual was developed with input from experts from civil aviation authorities, operators, aircraft manufacturers, training organizations and international organizations, and thereafter submitted for extensive peer review to consider comments from the expert community. ICAO gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the ICAO Cabin Safety Group and individual experts who provided support, advice and input for this manual.


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