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New ICAO publication (Doc 10062)

Doc 10062, Manual on the Investigation of Cabin Safety Aspects

in Accidents and Incidents. Second edition, 2022.

ICAO developed the Manual on the Investigation of Cabin Safety Aspects in Accidents and Incidents (Doc 10062) to encourage the uniform application of the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 13 — Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, particularly in relation to survival aspects. This manual provides information and guidance to States on the procedures, practices and techniques that may be used when investigating the cabin safety aspects of an occurrence.

The second edition of this manual aligns its content with Amendment 5 to the Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Training (PANS-TRG, Doc 9868), which contains the overarching provisions and principles for competency-based training and assessment, new definitions, new provisions for cabin investigator training and minor updates to existing provisions. It also contains guidance on examining information on brace positions to better understand injuries sustained during an accident. A new chapter provides guidelines for the reporting of cabin safety aspects in accidents and incidents, including the development of a survival factors group factual report and the survival factors portion of a final report of an accident.

This manual contains guidance for States to investigate specific types of occurrences, such as evacuations, and provides recommended qualifications and competencies for cabin investigators, thereby allowing the appropriate personnel to carry out the necessary functions during an investigation. This manual also provides guidance for States and operators when investigating incidents, such as mandatory reported events or events that do not require notification to the State of the Operator but may be a source of lessons learned. The content of this manual is consistent with guidance material contained in the Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation (Doc 9756).


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