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New ICAO publication (Doc 10039)

Doc 10039, Manual on the System-wide Information Management Concept. First Edition, 2024.

Today’s air traffic management (ATM) system comprises a wide variety of applications. The system is characterized by many custom communication protocols, each with their own self-contained information systems on board the aircraft or in the air traffic services units, among others. Each interface is custom designed, developed, managed and maintained individually at a significant cost. The ways in which ATM information is defined, structured, provided and used are specific to ATM-related systems.

Considering the expected growth and diversity in aviation demand, economic pressures and environmental factors, the ATM system increasingly relies on accurate and timely information. This information must be organized and provided by systems that support global interoperability, while its access and exchange should be seamless and secure.

Global improvements in information management are needed to integrate ATM supporting systems in a performance-enhancing manner. These improvements are envisioned to be applied system-wide. System-wide information management (SWIM) supporting provisions should be aligned with a globally accepted operational concept that articulates the expected benefits, enablers, features and principles for the development of, and transition to, a SWIM operational scenario.

The SWIM concept presented in this manual describes the aspects of stakeholder participation, as well as governance and operation at the technical development and implementation levels (for businesses and institutions) for SWIM. The concept provides the foundation for further developments in information management and was developed by the Information Management Panel (IMP) based on an initial draft provided by the Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel (ATMRPP).

Additional technical details and implementation guidance regarding the transition to SWIM is contained in the Manual on System Wide Information Management Implementation (Doc 10203).


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