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New ICAO publication (Doc 10110)

Doc 10110, Helicopter Code of Performance Development Manual. First edition, 2020.

This manual provides guidance material to assist States, their civil aviation authorities and the operators under their jurisdiction in the development of a code of performance for international helicopter commercial air transport.

The technological advances in aviation developed over the last century would not have been possible without parallel achievements in the control and reduction of safety risks. It is only through the disciplined application of the best safety risk management practices that the frequency and severity of aviation occurrences can continue to decline.

Until the advent of this manual, ICAO Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part III — International Operations — Helicopters provided only general guidance on helicopter performance. The ability for a State to permit variations from the prescriptive standard within the code of performance was not sufficiently detailed.

This manual assists States to achieve flexibility by implementing a code of performance based on a prescriptive standard and allowing for variations without a safe forced landing while achieving acceptable levels of safety risk.


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